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November 29, 2006


Jennifer Sizemore

1. I love that layout.
2. I love that card.
3. I am wiping away my tears at those conversations. Those kids of yours drive me to tears (in a good way.)
4. MOLES in Pennsylvania? Is that the ONLY state they live? Because really, I can just picture them at the border wanting to get over in to New York or Maryland. But the Border Mole Police are waiting to stop them.
5. Deer cool. Snow is not.


I busted a gut at the things your kids say. Where do they come up with these things?

Love the banner.

Gorgeous George

I wish I had a husband like yours!


You always make me laugh with your stories and conversations!! Hope the snow and cold moderate soon!!


Know what made me laugh the hardest?
The fact that you said TOODLED.
That is a great word.


To be a fly on the wall at the Overton house is something I can only dream of. Fabu projects and how cool is that deer in your yard? (minus the snow).

Karen Bukovan

Haaaa, just another day in the Overton household, huh? Great photo of the deer.

Heather Moll

Hilarious. Those kids of yours. Love it.

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