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November 14, 2006



Do you need boxes? I have a busy week of orders coming, like Christmas at my house every other day!!! Anyway, I have a few boxes piling up and could save them for you if you would like.

Jennifer Sizemore

Did you get alot done? I didn't see you post much in that 48 minutes :D

Great project!


So? How's the packing coming along? Did you do 48 minutes worth?

We are so alike - - I would do that same thing with the clock!


i love your little altered container...i'm so inspired...and depressed because the other day i was *organizing* my flowers into one container and i hucked all my db containers :(

Gorgeous George

Sounds like your husband is a wise man!!

Heather Moll

So, how's the packing going?!

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