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November 26, 2006



Can you do my calendars too? I thought of doing them all digital so it's not so bulky. But first I had to stamp the dates on them. Then someone talked to me and I got all messed up. Not so great considering I've only made it to Feb. on one and I have to do 2 maybe 3.
And your breaky sounds like my kids' dinner when the fridge died. Ice cream cake and frozen veggies.


What, on earth is wrong with ice cream for breakfast???

Nice of your hubby though... if it wasn't for work, I would not have been leaving the house today!!

Jennifer Sizemore

What kind of father is he? He is just trying to trump your award with FOTY.

I'll join you next year in the calendar thing, ok?

Gorgeous George

I LOVE your husband!! Sounds like he's the best thing going! That picture of Lucas reminds me of you after a couple of apple martinis!!


1. Enjoy the snow (and promise to keep it in Canada).

2. Ice cream for breakfast = good.

3. Glad you had fun last night.

4. Why does Gorgeous George link back to your blog????? Trying to boost your comment count? heh heh


mmmmmmmm ice cream!

Love that pic of L with the bowl on his head LOL..

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