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November 07, 2006



Rock & Roll hands are better than Jazz hands (think Jack, from Will & Grace).

And what's an 8 track?

Jennifer Sizemore

I always love to see your pics with rock and roll hands (better than man hands, right???)

LOVING the layout - and will have to get the book - looks GREAT!


who knew!


Very nice, Cheryl! You've convinced me to get this book!!

Rebecca Cooper

I love that page you did Cheryl!! It's so....well....FUN!



8-track! HA!!!!!!!!!!! I actually had one of those. LOL! Cheryl, I'm the worst blog commenter in the world, but your posts always crack me up. Love the rock n roll hands. If only I had a pic of YOU like that... oh yah. ;)

Teresa O.

I cant wait to dig into my copy! Love the pages and LOL@ your rockers


i actually think you're safe ... those are "i love you" hands. rock & roll/beast hands are index and pinky fingers raised, middle two fingers down, thumb over middle two fingers. so your hands look like horns. ie "hook 'em horns/don't mess with texas" fingers. i think that's right. i never got into the whole metal music thing though. punk/alternative people never did the hands ... we just wore lots of eyeliner, didn't brush our hair, and sort of swayed a lot.



Can I just say that I love the Overtons?

You guys crack me up.


Well, I am no authority on the meaning of rock & roll hands but I think that intent is a must in this type of situation. LOL. Love the pages and your stories!

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