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November 16, 2006



OH MAN! Those cards are just DREAMY!!!!!
And the boys are pretty cute too. ;)

Jennifer Sizemore

They look so ready for winter!!!! Stylin!
Terrific cards! I can't wait to get one :)


Me me I have shape ski's..... collecting dust in the garage!


those are adorable cards :)


Excuse me?

You do realize your class is DAYS away, right? What's with the kit prep? Have you lost your mind? What next, a calendar? A list?

oh, I tease. Good for you!

And the kids... I love the irony of them in their ski equipment on this balmy November day.
They look ready to carve up the mountain!

note to self: get good helmet so I don't get another concusion this year as I slip on the ice on my way to apres boarding Natchos!

Meet you at the Lodge!

Heather Moll

LOVE those cards!!!! You rock, girl! And the new banner is awesome!

Karen Bukovan

Awww, your guys are just too cool! Love the cards...wish I lived near you so I could take your class.

Amy Mowbray

These cards are absolutely beautiful.

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