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November 22, 2006



And you're worried he'll find out about a measly little candle holder?
For us, it's dollar for dollar baby! I get a printer, he gets new shocks, I get a camera, I get a tripod, I get...oh, darn, don't tell Ker that's the way it REALLY works.


You always make me smile, well.... actually, you always make me LAUGH!!!!!!


Your dog is a floozie.

It's all learned in the home.

Just sayin.

And you can tell Jacob to put a bag of peas on his crouch if it still hurts.

Jennifer Sizemore

Jason's grin looks just a little too happy. As does Bella :)
That boy of yours cracks me up. I betcha that you didn't correct him, eh?

Gorgeous George

Sounds like you be a smart one, eh? (getting a slow husband and all!!)


I'm getting tired of Bella's crouch, please update your blog!


OK, so if I had read this post first, the Gorgeous Gearoge mystery would have been solved already. LOL. I think this is win win for sure.

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