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December 18, 2006



good to see you back in action...

Justin Timberlake is bringing sexy back.
You're bringing Bavarian back.

Also, that bone is obscene.


Good luck with everything Cheryl... the new-to-you-for-6-months-Bavarian house, Christmas with the fakey (but I'm sure lovely) tree, cleaning, moving, packing, cleaning, settling in... everything. Harley LOVES those bones - he gets one for Christmas every year. Just the bone. In a big old box. Totally taped up. He works on the box for anywhere from 10-30min (depending on how good a tape job I've done!) and then he's good with the bone for the rest of the day! And, he can't bury it when the ground is frozen!!!

Karen Bukovan

Cheryl, what a busy time for you right now! You will be in your new house and settled before you know it. :)


Why is it that when I read your blog I am always thrown in to joyous fits of laughter?
Awwwww - - you make me smile everyday.
Have fun in "Bavaria".

Jennifer Sizemore

I agree - that bone is just gross. I can't believe she isn't afraid of it. And I hope your ninja shepherd did well!

Gorgeous George

Nothing to report but "what a good looking husband!!"


What kind of dinosaur had to die for Bella to get that bone? Sally would love that thing, only she gets super nasty and growly when she had bones, no one can go within 3 feet of her. While she's eating it, because she'll take your arm off and after she's eaten it, lets just say "sbd" for a few days!
And I think Gorgeous George might have the hots for your hubby!
Your tree looks a bit like ours only skinnier. Kerry informed me that either some ornaments get lost or we need another tree.

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