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December 28, 2006


Gorgeous George

You'll have to race me to the food! BRAAHHAAHHA


Great picture - that look is priceless! I'm glad you guys had a nice Christmas. Just give me a holler if you need any help 'getting rid' of any of that fattening food!!!

Karen Bukovan

What fun!!!! the boys look so cool in their helmets. Can't wait for the photos. :)

Jennifer Sizemore

I will not be showing this to Jacob, believe me. If ghe knew that the robosapien tooted, I would have no peace in this house. And he would want a helmet like those, and he doesn't even like to ride his bike!


I should take a picture of my hubby with his new full face helmet too. Only his is for mountain biking. I think the look on his face was about the same as your little guy's when he opened his present.
We have so much food left too, only I have a permanent tummy ache and can only eat chocolate truffles!


I am glad to hear that the Robosapien does all that was advertised... and more! sounds like a great Christmas.

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