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March 07, 2007


Gorgeous George

You are getting wiser in your old age. You want t pass some of it around??

Dawn Kern

What a great layout... I'll bet Lucas would love it framed for his new room!

So glad about GG's news... and by the way, and air cast sounds a lot like buble wrap to me. :-)


When I first saw those things...(shoes?) I also swore I would never wear them, but now that my "ultra cool" daughter is wearing them I guess I better follow the trend..probably lost 10 years of comfortable walking due to my vanity


What? Mary Jane style crocs? I need some of those.
I have the hideous bright green ones, and swore I would never wear them out of the house. But I did the other day, and it was only because they are glammed up with some of those rhinestones from the dollar store, they looked so cute on Yo's little A, that I had to get me some.

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