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March 20, 2007



The house looks like it is moving along nicely... so exciting!

You were right! Those pictures turned out great! Wonderful job! You'll have to give me lessons!

Gorgeous George

Do you really need Bella to go with you to your agility class? Won't she just get in the way?

Dawn Kern

Those are amazing pics of Shannon... makes me want to get knocked up just so I can have some super-gorge pictures of myself.

(Actually, I have the belly for those pictures right now! Are you free next week?)

nice update!


The house looks awsome!
Can I come and get belly pictures too?
You should take Bella to agility, my neighbour teaches and competes and it's soooo amazing to see what they can do. Maybe Linus would like that. I know Sally wouldn't.
If I was GG, I'd leave the satelite thingy in and save money and then he won't have to listen about how you are putting on weight (not that I think you are but a few posts back I think I remember someone saying that).


I've been thinking about agility for Ruby too although maybe she's too old. So I'll be interested to see how Bella does. And we were all watching Malcolm last night - I thought Greg was going to throw up he was laughing so hard (see we cannot be judged by the shows we watch...)



And your pregnant friend is positively GORGEOUS....... and my good golly, I didn't look a thing like that when I was nearly due.
Heck, I've never looked that good ever!


you. are. hilarious.

Seriously, haven't checked your blog for a while & when I do I am seriously laughing so hard I get tears!

P.S. You are not in a creative rut-your recent LO's have completely rocked.
P.P.S. HOping I don't have bad dreams from that album cover. Thanks, Cheryl. :(


Oops... PPPS-gorgeous photos!


Well I check all of my three mail address's..friends, letters Bob can read, and misc..and when there is nothing there I head for your blog..and am happy to say you didn't let me down. You really have a talent for writing, man hands again...I was asked the other day...actually in sort of a sarcastic manner...how did you get to be so talented and smart...I answered, my mothers genes...so just in case that question ever comes up..So anyhow, when I saw that album cover..I thought Lucas had grown up and had long hair..love you mom


Do you know how to post an update! Your house looks fabu. The pictures of Shannon are gorgeous. I thought that was a picture of Weird Al. Goes to show how much I know.

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