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March 15, 2007


Gorgeous George

I've seen that look on your face when you start scrappin!! (that would be taking a shot at me, not scrapbooking!)



(I love Lucath).


See, that's what will happen if you keep up with mind games!!!!!
Trust me, I know!

Jennifer Sizemore

Doesn't every picture look like he is up to no good? ;) And I think Heather is right - your mind games are making him loopy.

Dawn Kern

just a wee bit crazed... it comes from his father, surely.

rebecca cooper

that photo is HILLARIOUS Cheryl!


LOL. He looks like has been locked in the padded basement just a wee bit too long. But he is cute nonetheless. :)


No wonder the boy looks a little manic with a mom who plays head games and lies about the king and queen of Kelowna..cute...I can hardly wait to get there ylm

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