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March 09, 2007



I love it all! But, the sinks, they take my breath away! Really. I have always wanted giant farmhouse sinks. And the cabinet in the bathroom, is exactly what I want when we redo ours. It is going to be so beautiful, Cheryl. When is the target for finishing?

Gorgeous George

You're really good at keeping secrets! But I'm sure not EVERYONE has access to the internet. Can't wait for those farmhouse sinks...getting back to the good 'ol days where you stayed at home barefoot and baked and appeased my every desire!! ahhh!(that's a sigh not a little scream!)



The second quote is much more do-able... I'm glad for you! Looks great!

PS: Have you spoken to GG about the above expectations????


So is there a room (or at least bathroom) for me to come & live? I would happily sleep in that farmhouse sink although it's the powder room one that I really covet...

Dawn Kern

I didn't know you guys were going to have a farm! Cool!

(Costco has new rubber boots and overalls.)


Whoa! I'm not one to get excited about bathroom fixtures, but those are VERY cool. I'm so coming to stay with you once the new house is finished. :)


holy gorgeousness!! i've always wanted a farmhouse sink but wonder how one washes AND dries in a sink with only one bowl ...? the serious questions of life are obviously someone else's territory. maybe you just enjoy the beauty of an amazing sink and say screw the dishes.

by the way - good for you on the mary jane crocs. the best, right?? ha HA!!


Congrats on the building of your house. My husband and I are also building. I was admiring the pot filler and the farmhouse sink. Where did you find that pot filler and the farmhouse sink? I am looking for a hammered copper farmhouse sink? Have any bargin shopping ideas?

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