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April 27, 2007



Great job!
Are you available to teach sex ed. to my kids?


Clap clap clap! You handled that well!
Oh, yes, the wonderful creativity and hoping to get it all correct, without loosing your composure, discussion of the Birds & Bees. How fun was that for most of us?
Motherhood is GRAND, isn't it?


Of course I had to tell your tale to my kids. We love the Overtons.


ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!! WON-DER-FUL job, Mrs. Cheryl!


I was just curling up in bed last night when I heard your dad chuckling, then I heard him laughing, again, and again...so I figure okay, guess this is good enough to get out of bed for....I must say, you did a better job on the sex ed than I did with you..I had to read it again this morning, and it will give me a smile all day long..ylm

Jennifer Sizemore

Frankly, I cannot wait until he asks about sex. That should be a great conversation - and hopefully it will be before my Jacob asks and I can just use your wisdom.


Perhaps you could add sex ed talks "with flair" to your new business venture? SO very cute!
psst. I tagged you today madamoiselle...

Heather  Moll

ROTFLOL!!! Nice work! Man, I love reading your blog!


Too freakin' funny, my friend. I'll have to remember the "birthing a baby out of your nose" thing when this topic comes up at my house. We've been narrowly managing to avoid this topic with my four-year-old son for now, but my changing-the-subject tactic won't work for much longer. =)

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