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April 04, 2007



PHEW lots to say today.....

Question: WHEN will we find out about your surprise or do I have to feed Curious George lotza BEER?


Need Caffeine? (Big browed eyes doing the rolly).
I can say that freely knowing, that you know, that I know,(& respect!) where your at!

But, unlike yourself, I do the nasty words outloud and proud! There are advantages to having grown kids!

And BTW, totally diggin the New Spreads for the boys. Even Jeremy would dig 'em!

Dawn Kern

1) You MUST get that light
2) It's amazing you found bedding that suits both you (quilts) and them (boards)
3) I've never heard you say a bad word, when did this start?

Gorgeous George

You...bad words?....and.... I LOVE WALL SCONCES!! Caca Poopoo!


OK, so can we all agree that that is enough with the 'secret' teasing?!?!?! Puhleez!?!?


I think you don't even have a secret, maybe you did, but forgot what it was and now the two of you have to come up with something really good.
Get the light fixture, go with the "if I don't get it and settle for something else I don't love, I will have to buy it later on anyway and then will have spent more money buying 1 light I don't like and 1 I do" theory! That's what I do.
AND love the soccer layout in SS.


I LOVE the frame on Wendy Smedley's blog... what did you do, whip it up in an hour?!?!?? But, of course, it's Cheryl O! ;)


We're going through some whininess here, too. A real word? I don't know :). & that light fixture is lovely!

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