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July 25, 2007



Wow! Looks great!

Gorgeous G

You are quite droll!!


Woohoo! It looks completely fabulous. LOVE the color you went w/for your craftroom!

Leslie Herbert

I AM IN LOVE WITH YOUR HOUSE!!! I am dying laughing at your comment about the nightstands! they look beautiful with the lamps ;) Gorgeous colors througout your whole house, you really should be an interior decorator Cheryl!


FUNNY! Your house is lovely! I'll take your advice about not wearing flip flops near boys or girls with cleats on....

Jennifer Miller

Wow. I am completely envious of your house. It is fabulous. Seriously.


Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

and I'm glad you've finally come around re the crocs...


It's beautiful, Cheryl!!!!

Heather Moll

Sigh... so very envious of you! it is beautiful!


Where's my room? My Crocs and I are moving in. =)


Wow! Cheryl, I am completely jealous! This is BEAUTIFUL! GG really does good work. ;)


The paint tones you chose are so dreamy.
You guys ROCK.

Jennifer Sizemore

I can't even breathe here. It is AMAZING!!!
Now, did you get a picture of the lock on your studio door? And where will the margarita machine be?


Your blog never fails to crack me up! :)

Finished or not, your place looks awesome! I'm loving all the windows in your craftroom too. It looks so- nice!

Nolan Anderson

You sure have a good taste in color. Just like what Diane said, the colors you've chosen are dreamy! The entire house just makes you feel comfortable. These are great design inspirations for those who are looking forward to remodelling their homes.

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