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July 17, 2007


Gorgeous George

I Love you too, Baby!! Thanks for making the last 5 years off my life the absolute best!! Here's to five more!! Happy Anniversary!!!(PS...You're right, I am the best!!)


See? There you go thinking you're funny again.

You are about as funny as you are good at math.



HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you both! You two are the most amazing couple I know! SERIOUSLY!

Jennifer Sizemore

You two absolutely crack me up. And the two that you have spawned - they are definate positives. Happy Anniversary!


Happy anniversary Cheryl and Jason!!!


Happy Anniversary!! I only know you guys through your blog and I like what I read! You sound like a fun family - that says alot for the two in charge (you two, not the boys, although it may seem like that). Enjoy your day.

Jennifer Miller

Happy Anniversary!!!! Here's to a lifetime of happiness for both of you.


Awww, so sweet! Happy Anniversary you two. It seems like only yesterday that Jason was just a kid, mooning the neighbours...oh wait, he was in his 20s when that happened, wasn't he?

Nice house, by the way. Greg can't wait to see the media room. Will you make him "step up Greg, waaaaay up"!

Heather  Moll

Awwwwww! Happy Anniversary!


Happy Anniversary!!!!!!! After reading this, I think I love him too. LOL! :)


.....so for one day a year he's not the bolding cable guy that likes to fart alot?


Happy Anniversary!

Kymberlie R. McGuire

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