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July 15, 2007


Heather  Moll

Man, I wish my blog posts were as good as yours. :)

Jennifer Sizemore

wow - you are really learning tons on summer vacation. The sunscreen lesson is invaluable, really.

Karen Bukovan

Those are some good life lessons. Been there done that on the sunscreen...oh, and on the shooters too. LOL


Thanks for the learnin'... especially the shooter lesson. I'll definitely keep that one in mind for when I am invited to partake in Margarita night!

Jennifer Miller

Well, you may be wiser but at least one liquor store clerk doesn't think you are older. :)


Tell me why you aren't writing comedy scripts?
You are the funniest blog writer EVER.
Fo sho.

Leslie Herbert

Way to go Cheryl on being carded! that always makes a girl feel good! I am rooting that your cabinets will be done SOON! I love your pic of Lucas and the ET comment! haa!

Gorgeous George

I AM good at most things!! even estimating!! I am just AMBITIOUS!! But I do agree with your comments on you being spoiled ...


You are a wise (and very youthful) woman. And for a minute I thought there was snow in the ground in that final photo of the boys...must be wishful thinking.

and also no need to apologize for 'distracting' me from scrapping the other night. I was just looking for an excuse to not have to do anything!!


Dude. I love your blog. That's all. :)

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