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August 05, 2007



Oh Cheryl they are soooo gorgeous!! I really want to meet them. A-M and I were there today - all the dogs were going apeshit and I was trying once again with Furry but she's still living in her own world. But so many lovely cats...Holly wanted me to bring one home for her. But I didn't.


Haaaaaaaaa on the Lucath ban. That is too funny.

Gorgeous G

The reason I got two was so that I would be totally full after a nice "BBQ". The last one just didn't appease my appetite!!

Jennifer Sizemore

Oh, now that was totally not nice, J!!! (still made me snort my coffee)

They are beautiful additions to your crazy family.

Leslie Herbert

AWWWW They are just precious Cheryl!!! What a sweetie Jason can be :)


Aw they're sweeties! Glad your hubby caved when you took him to the SPCA. (Clever plan on your part :).


Welcome to both the kitties! :) Laughing about the Lucas ban...

Jennifer Miller

How sweet are your new kitties? I want one!!! I had to laugh about the Lucas ban. Our kitty keeps praying for a Jared ban but has yet to see it happen. I hope your kittys have a long and happy life with their new family. :)

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