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August 08, 2007



I don't know what's funnier:

The fact that Lucas doesn't wear them or
that YOU didn't notice dirty underwear. LOL

Ha JK I probably won't notice either....


ROFLMBO!!!!! Aaahhh, Lucas...


Always an adventure with your boys.
They crack me up on a regular basis.
As does their mother.

Jennifer Miller

That is too funny! Apparently Jared & lucas would get along smashingly. Does Lucas have an affinity for outdoor urniation?

Jennifer Sizemore

Lucas is Jacob's kind of guy. I have to beg and threaten to get him to wear his briefs. I think I may have to pay him when school starts.

You forgot to tell us what toys came in second to Star Wras Legos. That is an important detail.


Haaa! You certainly have an eye for detail, huh?



So what toys did they end up choosing w/no Star Wars Legos to be found? Have you checked out the official Lego site? Their clearance prices are awesome & most other stuff is usually available.


I'm laughing because, occasionally, Matthew will do this as well. And I noticed that someone above me mentioned outdoor urination. Um, well, that happens a bit around here as well! :P


bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! I don't even know where to go with this. Gosh, I really should make it over to your blog more often. Your guys are always good for a laugh. LOL!

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