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August 09, 2007


Gorgeous G

They must get there building skills from mom. SIDENOTE: Why do the "hands on neck" look so familiar?? Oh yess...in my dreams!! what great dreams I have!


And they get their spelling skills from their dad.



so... our Scrabulous game is kinda stalled... you're shunning me now? lol.


do they want you to join the fort so they will have someone to wash their underwear (now that they both have some, that is?)?

Jennifer Sizemore

Was there a fee for your registration? If so, I hope the fine print doesn't stick you with the liability of the shoddy workmanship.


So, did you ever get "in" to the fort?


Never a dull moment..

Jennifer Miller

That is hilarious!!!!!! I can't even imagine how they came up with a contract for their fort but I give them an A for ingenuity. Perhaps a D for workmanship? I think I am being generous here. Seriously, one of your best stories, yet.

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