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August 17, 2007



That will keep me laughing ALL DAY!


I seriously laughed out loud at that. I hope my boys are as funny as yours when they get older. :)


all you can do is hope and pray that he never loses his ability to make us all smile and laugh out loud..

Jennifer Sizemore

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I just told Dave that Jacob has a serious GB addiction. Nice to know it is normal.


HAHAHAHA! I love Lucath! Kendra will be joining the rehab program at some point. I've never seen a little girl so addicted to video games! LOL!

Jennifer Miller

Atleast his addiction doesn't require him to comandeer your computer as a Webkinz would. That is too funny!

Leslie Herbert

I LOVE your boys Cheryl! They are the cutest!


You (or your boys rather) never fail to make me laugh! :)


sounds familiar :). & your new blog banner is awesome!


Miss you, Cheryl!

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