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September 24, 2007



Disco inferno! HAAAAAAA!
"Burn baby, burn"....
YOU LOOK AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!


THAT looks like fun! Can't wait to see more pics!


I keep thinking - poor confused Bella!

Looks like a riot. And I didn't even know they made wigs that big!! Can hardly wait for the video - should I keep my eyes on You Tube?

Jennifer Sizemore

Oh. My.
When you do a costume, you really do a costume. But when you said you liked boobs, I was picturing more of a Dolly Parton costume ;)

Gorgeous G

AH yes! Very proud at this moment! and she's mine....all mine!!!


I am at a total loss for words..like which one of you is my daughter..do I know her at all???? I am totally proud too..because you are mine too...no just kidding..cause I love to see you having fun and.. you all look fabulous..reminds me of a curling party where all us "older" women, we kinda looking at the young guys who did a Chip N Dale act..I think we were somewhere in our 30's..you know ...older women..lol


seriously now..which one are you..I pick the top picture..the one on the left???


whoops I mean right..


Boom boom! You gals look hot!


I guess I don't have to feel bad that I wasn't sure which one was you either...gee if your own mother doesn't recognize you! ;)


You girls are too funny! Wig envy...ha ha ha! :)

Jennifer Miller

You girls are smokin! Looks like a fabu time. I am sure the boobs thank you.

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