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December 17, 2007



That sounds like Kerry's party, only we learned the fine points of Brazilian bikini waxing and whether laser was better and what a fried egg was, think your last picture only pressed up against a window.

Gorgeous George

do you like me third nipple?? I call her "Sweetie" (not to be mixed with another part of me body I named "Sweaty")

Jennifer Sizemore

Your staff party looks far better than mine. Now what does that say about mine?

Cyndi Hoehn

cracking up! I wish my husband was a little more goofy, then again maybe not =) I'd hate to have to threaten to not take him out in public! hee hee


*sigh* I can't believe you take these guys out! No offense GG but really...

I know, I'm just jealous!

BTW how's the snake situation at Life Simplified these days?


I can't believe you didn't put up pictures of us being all fancy and lady-like??

There are also no photos of the skits, the power point "Life simplified 2007" photos, or the employee of the year awards. not to mention the entertainment.

thankful you don't have a sound-bite to post,
your loving partner


I can post again!!!

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