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December 13, 2007



You are sooooo funny!
I am the mom that sent her kid to school after feeding him 2 bowls of sour cherries. Fill your boots had new meaning at our house!
Good on you for keeping him home and label proofed.


Oh, we SOOOOOO enjoy diarrhea talk at our house. (not the actual "having" it, just the folly of it). We are so juvenile.
You are hysterical.
And your Christmas projects have me HEAVING with joy. They are IN-CRED-wait for it-ABLE.


You shouldn't be allowed to post fab projects unless you're mailing them. as gifts. to me.

Have fun @ the big work party! ;) The logo looks great!


p.s. LOL @ your school story. Hang in there w/the, um, diarrhea. :)

Heather M.

Um, wow, those projects are amazing!

Gorgeous George

doody talk...make me sick!

Jennifer Miller

You projects are AMAZING cheryl! and I think you made a wise choice keeping him home from school. I remember being sick and going to school once. It was Catholic school and I threw up in the middle of church. I think I will be forever remembered by my classmates.

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