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March 31, 2008



Ha! Hey, nailpolish is better than matches and smokes!!

Baby steps...baby steps!
You are not alone! Sadly this is what society has turned Mom's into. I am sure there is a club somewhere if you need?
Gold star for you!!!


My children are grown, and guess what. I still worry over every little thing.
Where are you going?
When will you be back?
I think the paranoia = good parent though.


I'm starting to get a little paranoid right now; Holly's at a friend's house since school got out. I know she's getting a ride home with her other friend's parent, but I'm still waiting, waiting.

and of course totally unwilling to go pick her up myself (what and leave the comfort & warmth of the couch?)

Paranoia tempered with laziness!


There is a club, you must have an apron with strings to join it. I'm the same way. Leaving Shaun on the first day of middle school was worse than leaving Emily on the first day of kindergarten, why, because I know what happens at middle school.


I'm thinking if he comes home with purple nail polish after his first venture out into the world..I shudder to think of what might happen next time...lol

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