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April 18, 2008



Have fun Overtons! Hopefully your heater is in good working order? I will be thinking of you from under my downy comforter tomorrow morning...


Yuck! I feel for you! I hope you get the Carolans in bed, preferably your bed at home.


I hope you're enjoying your lovely spring camping trip... You'll have to double up on Carolans when you get back!

Gorgeous George

Sorry about the lack of coffee in bed...I let you down...but you are a great sport putting up with the "winter" camping!!


Just getting ready to listen to you on Blog Talk Radio. Have a great show!

Thena Smith

Leslie Herbert

You are quite the wife Cheryl! I put up with all the hunting and such, but... camping in the snow? NO! You are THE WOMAN!

Karen C

Is it warm there yet? :0)

Been missing your entertaining entries.



helloooo? where are you? :)

Heather M.

Hey Cheryl -
I've been missing your blot posts too! I hope things are okay. Thinking of you!


It's not cold outside anymore!!



ha I'm not the only one that hasn't posted to their blog since april LOL

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