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April 05, 2008



Well, if it's dual purposes underwear, it can happen, like if they wear it on their heads but only when it's clean.

Carla Prock

If they are like my oldest and love making gross noises, the areas of wear are strictly methane induced. A combination of the hazardous gas and the force at which it is released!

Carla Prock

Oh, one more thing. I just wanted to tell you how much I loved the simple studio blog the month you were hosting! I love it when people can just be "real"!

jennifer sizemore

Well, if they were like my Jacob they would never wear out since he chooses to wear them only when I insist and actually check.

My guess is that they are stair diving or sliding when you are not watching. Or perhaps they are being used as slingshots full of sand (or dirt in your case).

Connie Caprara

perhaps it is all of the scratching and adjusting that they do.


I think the holes in the underpants (and general "thin-ness" that occupies them) come from all the male wrestling tournaments our boys would have during their little boy years. I remember it so clearly - GI JOE underwear battling Ghostbusters underwear there on the living room floor. (no, they weren't wearing anything else).

Gorgeous George

Why is it I stll have underwear from the 90's??


it's from all that "up the bum" rubbin that's going on....

hey GG go buy some new underwear LOL

Jessica C.

You know, I have no idea how they do it (and I also already have my copy of the mag. I think the "Compromise" LO is my favorite. :)). I did want to thank you, though, for making me laugh OUT LOUD at work. My co-workers do not share my appreciation, though...


you just "crack" me up....


Well wow, we've never been able to find camo underwear :p & I have to laugh at your "one camo item at a time"rule. We've been pretty clashy sometimes ourselves-namely oldest boy.

P.S. Your bucket openers are SOOO great!!

Leslie Herbert

HAAA! Poor Lucas! especially since you have those blackmail pics! he is in trouble!

Jennifer Miller

Maybe if I help you with your underwear issue, you can help me with my sock issue? Perhaps we can make a handbook together. That would be a good read. LOL.

Congrats on the SS issue. Can't wait to see it! I would gladly take if off your hands. ;)

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