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August 28, 2008



What is it with boys and those hats? Mine had to have one a few years ago too.
Kerry said you are Mom of the Year for those cool cds. Nice, thanks a bunch.

Leslie Herbert

Love the picture Cheryl and sooo glad you are posting again!


Thank you, my friend. I would be honored to have either one of your boys in my class. I love Jake's style...and I bet all the girls do too!

melanie louette

Hope that the party was great, and you did good on the loot bag cds- we have done that, and it was a huge hit. :)
Love that hat, lol!


I don't understand...if you both love parties so much...why quit

Jennifer Sizemore

Those CDS are way cool. You don't have to quit parties remember, you still have Lucas!!!! And thanks for the tag :)

Gorgeous George

Jake looks Pretty Fly...kinda like his old man!

Antonia B.D.

Man... I have that same hat. It rocks. It is cool. And the CD idea is just so cool! So much better than the "cheap dollar store stuff"!

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