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September 15, 2008


Gorgeous George

I notice that I'm the first one to comment on the sexy beast you call a husband!! Is that vain or is he just that good looking? What other skillz does he have??(Nun-chuk skills, Liger-drawing skills, handsomeness skills?)


Clearly he has using-dashes-inappropriately-skills. (btw using a z in place of an s is so 1997).


GG is super sexy! What is so wrong with us that we find that behaviour sexy? Mine likes to pull his pants up super high and tuck in his shirt and considers that foreplay.


hemmm hemmmmm....
It was just 3 or 4 years ago that GG and I were on the phone and having who-knows-what conversation where I, yes I, offered up the "wacka wacka", in response to what was no doubt some kind of reference to your husband-wife relationship.

GG met my "wacka wacka" comment with "Wacka Wacka?? Who are you, Fozzy Bear??"

Hmm... who's laughing now, Fozzy?

Leslie Herbert

HAAAAAAAAA! okay Cheryl! this post just made my day!
Jim thinks he is so sexy in his stretchy pants ;)

Jennifer Sizemore

I learn so much from you. Who knew?

I hope he is happy. Wacka Wacka, Wink Wink.


You (& your crazy family) never fail to crack me up Cheryl! :)

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