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September 23, 2008



You crack me up, girl. Totally reminds me of when I was at an OB appointment last year & remarked to the nurse that I was considering getting my esophagus stretched. She casually said, "Oh, my friend had that and they accidentally lacerated her during the surgery". Nice. I still haven't had it done. :p


Thanks for the reminder to completely avoid going to the doctor. Yoinks!

Leslie Herbert

That is about as far as I would have gotten too Cheryl, I am way too chicken!

Gorgeous George

I've always wanted to be married to a Pirate!! Can they lob off a leg too? I find peg-legs to be OOOOHHH so Sexy!!...and by the way...it's a 97 chev astro chick magnet!!


Hilarious! Good luck with the eye surgery and the next few months of eye drops... It'll be worth it in the end.

Jennifer Sizemore

Ahoy matey!
enjoy being driven around town!


Go for it Cheryl, I did it and its the BEST thing I ever did! Mind you, I didnt beleive them when they said the pre-op sedative was strong - you know those moments when you 'think' you are thinking internally but you know by the looks of those around you that you said it out loud? well, I actually told my surgeon that he had Donald Trump hair which I really DONT reccomend!

Goodluck. :-)

Jessica C

Oh, good luck! I've had glasses since I was eight, so I know what it's like. If you have a chance to SEE, you gotta grab it! I'll be crossing my fingers for you. :)


let me know how it goes - i'm thinking about doing it early in 2009.


Just do it, what do you have to lose? You have 2 eyes, the odds of losing both of them are probably pretty slim.


so when are you having this done...I just got back..so hope I'm not too late. Actually Shawni had it done..and she is happy...just do what they tell you..love you mom


aaarrr. (only kidding.)

My in-laws have offered to have this done for both Jack and I and I'm still too chicken to do it. Then again, we live out in the styx so I'm not too confident of having our local farmer perform the surgery on me, ha!

By the way, I say go for it!


i totally chicken out at the thought of lasik, even though i've worn coke-bottle glasses since i was eight. if you do it, i'll do it, eye patch be damned. (see, i'm counting on you not doing it. i'm not really the pirating type.)


Cheryl, I know this is an old post but I hope somehow you get notified of comments made... my husband is an optometrist and while he does not do surgery, he is the doctor you see before and after surgery. I wore glasses since I was 8 and begged for many years for an operation that would help me see without them. He sees the results of so many surgeries and finally agreed to let me go to a surgeon in Victoria. The most important thing you can do if you are nervous is to check out the track record of the surgeon - there are a few surgeons/and/or/clinics who have been involved in a shocking number of lawsuits.... however many more are excellent. (Do not cheap out and go for the cheapest procedure - your eyes are no place to go with a bargain!) Next make sure you see a well-informed optometrist who can advise of YOUR specific needs. You may have visual issues that make a satisfactory result difficult. Also there is not just Lasik - I had PRK which is done with a laser but does NOT involve cuts to the cornea - rather it is more like it is sanded down to the right shape. I really liked that idea! And the after care is easy, because of the bigger issue: NOW you can see WITHOUT glasses! It has been 11 years for me and I think I still truly cannot believe that I don't need glasses! It seems like a miracle. And I get to wear cool sunglasses - even better!
Feel free to email me for more info... [email protected]
(PS I'm from the south okanagan originally...)

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