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January 15, 2009


Katie Scott

the hope you dance layout is hilarious. i loved your work in Simple.

Heather Moll

i agree - a big bag of suck is right. so, so, so, so sad about that.

and awesome layouts, as always. :)


The inspiration I got from your LOs and your projects and your humor (sick like mine. lol)...I will miss more than you know.
Thank you for it all!


this just SUCKS!

melanie louette

I'm so heartbroken over this too Cheryl. :( :( :( It sucks so much. :(
Your pages are true SS perfection, and have always been an inspiration to me. :) I hope we can keep in touch.




I am so sad too. :( Especially since you were a part of it. But, your pages are awesome!!! Love how you did the journaling on both and that dominos photo is way cool!!

Jennifer Miller

That is so sad. SS is my favorite, too. As are you. :) Love your pages. Your use of color is brilliant!

Simple Scrapbooks

great layouts, as always Cheryl!

Simple Scrapbooks

That "simple scrapbooks" is me, Angie Lucas. Apparently, I've officially changed my name to "simple scrapbooks" in order to do my small part to keep the brand alive. :-)

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