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January 06, 2009



Nice pages... remember me? I'm still checking your woefully neglected blog!


Just so you know...I am a John Denver fan and can cry on cue when hearing some of his "good" songs.
And know that I LOLed with the visual of you dancing, screaming "Watch me!"
Cheryl + Running Man + Obnoxious Skater Terms + You Tube = Priceless!

Gorgeous George

I'm getting angry!...You don't want to see me when I'm angry!!! - the Incredible Hulk (just so you know I'm quoting someone real not just listening to the voices in my head!)

Stephanie K

Love the post!
Seriously made me laugh!
And your newest pages are great!
Love 'The Look'! :-)

marnie flores

hi cheryl! i check every day, at least once! imagine my surprise to not see lain's book pop up! teehee! glad you are back - and last but never least, fantastic layouts(of course!)


And you thought your mom was your only reader... Hope to see you one of these days, and Happy New Year! oh maybe we can sing a few tunes together...


Ok, so, I'm not your Mom but, I too check. And no one's Blog can be as neglected as mine! Oh wait, maybe Audrey's!
Hope to see you soon!

Heather Moll

I check your blog too! :)
Your post make me LOL! Awesome. Love that you dance too.
And those layouts rock!


I check your blog too! Now don't you feel loved!
I also have a very ecclectic list of song on my ipod, but my way of getting at my family is to actually sing, loud, and so very bad. If I dance, I usually end up hurting myself.
Kerry's choice of music makes my ears bleed.

Karen Bukovan

See Cheryl? We need you to blog everyday. Your entries make me smile. So do your layouts!!

Jennifer Miller

Well, I for one, never check. But your need to publicly announce your latest post had me intrigued. (j/k). I missed you and I love that you enjoy tormenting your family. Your layouts are divine, as usual.

Karen C

Ditto, to all of the above! Miss your posts, and check often to see if there is a bit of Cheryl humor to make me smile.



Oh my blogs getting harrased on your blog.... wth...

I was happy to come and see a new post! Miss ya and happy new year!


seriously, no. gorgeous george is totally in the wrong on this one. john denver was and will always be the original awesome of awesomeness. rocky mountain high? come on ... mild mannered, glasses-wearing hippie by day, rockin' muppet mad man by night. god love john denver. and pooey on gg.


LOL! I could have written this post! There are 2 differences.
A. My husband likes John Denver, too. Just not 99% of the other music I like.
B. His complaint is usually followed by, "How is it possible that someone who loves music so much sings as awfully as you do?"
I normally choose not to bust a move and sing during the same song out of pity for my audience.


I am learning the words to "Goodbye Earl" and substituting the name "BOB"

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