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May 01, 2009



I was very sad to see
Simple go. :(
I love your first page!
I have one just like
it. ;)


I yes, that very first page reminds me of mine!
I will miss Simple!

K Curren

Ditto on the first page. I wonder how many others got their start through a CM party.

I hadn't checked your blog in about a week and it was a good thing I was sitting down because "you be postin'" you know, like "you be jammin'". JK - I really enjoy your humor so keep'em coming.

Also, to go along with your email story of saving Wendy's. I didn't quite save the one you sent to me awhile ago, but I did do a few high kicks and called my husband over to show him that this "very cool important scrapbook person from the magazine" sent me an email.

Anyways, throw my name into the contest and keep posting.

Karen C.


Oh, I so remember those Creative Memories days! I could tell that was what that page was before I even read the post!! So funny to look back and see what we used to do compared to what we do now!


OMG I won something! Love the first page and no you can't see mine LOL


oh no way!!! I know exactly what my first scrap page was too - woohoo!! (about 10 years ago also) (and it looks something like yours but with different colors - ha!) thanks so much for sharing!!

Gorgeous George

what's the whit esquare in the middle of that picture??

Liz Butler

I know I'm not brave enough to post my very first page on my blog. LOL


Thanks for sharing your Simple memories this week, and your first layout! :)


I do believe I have a copy of your first page in our family's album...it has the exact same design w/ the circle pics and the multi-colored triangle photo mats. I often wonder what people will think when they look at the pages I do now. At least I've got better journaling now. ;)
Thanks for the chance to win. It's been fun to blog-hop w/ SS gals. I'm so glad to find yours - great stories - thanks for sharing!

Leanne Overduin

Isn't it great to think about how far you've come?!
Thanks for the chance to win sgreat stuff.

gian de la rama

i love simple!

jeanie nieva

i love simple and i love mm!


I love Simple... and I LOVE me some Making Memories! I'll miss you guys and your wonderful inspiration!


I love green! That first page is awesome. I have one almost like it - gotta love CM. I'm sure it got a big number of us started. : )

marnie flores

cheryl, you have always made me laugh! i have said it before, i'll say it again, i wish we were neighbors. then i could stalk you and copy your pages and always be giggling!


love simple and mm!!


What a great prize pack! Thanks for another chance to win! SS will be missed!


I am so happy to see you back...it takes the place of letters, that you don't have time to write..ylm

Karen Bukovan

Cheryl, I am so glad you went to that CM party...because if you hadn't have started scrapbooking we would never have met. I am so sorry to see the end to Simple Scrapbooks but happy to know that I'll still see what creative works of art you'll be working on. :)

Scrappy Angel

I think it's great to look back to see where we started and how far we've come! I'm sad to see Simple goo too but glad to know that there will be so many working to keep the Simple philsophy alive!


Ok I will admit defeat... I can't find your email addy anywhere. It is likely the residual from the ICK I celebrated NSD wtih but there it is.

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