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June 01, 2009



I just went, and all I can say is that I am so glad that all you Simple Gals are back together in one little space. I was missing Simple Scrapbooks and the new blog is fantastic! You are all geniuses!


Thanks so much for sharing the link- love it!


what the?
I posted with typos galore, and now it's gone.
Thanks for the link- so great!

Karen Bukovan

I love it!!! thanks for sharing the link.

Jennifer Miller

Awesome!!! I am glad to see the simple gals find a new home.

Leslie Herbert

I LOVE that you all are doing this! YAY!!!

Melanie Louette

Dude. You're in serious need of an update here... :D

Gorgeous George

Soooo.... what's happened since June1st??


Uhm, what Melanie and Gorgeous George said. We're WAITING.


Need some awesome Christmas ideas, your ideas rock. We need a Christmas update. Hope all is well!


Oh very disappointed!! I recognized the first pic (do or. . .) and realized I came here after your previous post. I probably gave up on you :) when there were no new ones. Anyway, loved your WCS columns today and yest.

Cheryl Overton

Sorry Jill! I still hold the hope that one day I will get to this! :)

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