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October 21, 2011



OK, that laundry print is hysterical! I LOVE it!

Cheryl Overton

Thanks, Heather. Dawn is a funny lady.

Kelli Williams

OMG I check all the time, and nothing, but today was something! Super cute prints!

Cheryl Overton

Thanks Kelli!

marie taylor

Awww-I love that monster print! I believe it may make an appearance in Jack's room :)

Tara Liddicoat

I found you on etsy a while ago now, and favourited your shop... love the prints! This Hallowe'en one is going to make a Hallowe'en-lovin' friend of mine very happy!

Cheryl Overton

Thanks Marie :)

Cheryl Overton

Awesome! Thanks, Tara!

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