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November 07, 2011


Leslie Herbert

clean as a whistle?!!!! haaa! love it Cheryl!
I was gonna ask you how your cleanse was coming along and was wondering if I should give it a try but when you mention the shakes the bathroom info...makes me second guess it! lol but the you mention the weight loss....hmmmm might be tempting enough!
OF COURSE your prints have made it to those lists!


Firstly, you are the Etsy Treasury queen. So cool!

Secondly, I googled Wild Rose Detox, thinking perhaps this is something I would like to do. (You had me at down 4 lbs. and sugar craving subsided.) But I found this included in a list of acceptable snacks: vegetable salad with apple sauce and sprinkled with cinnamon and garlic powder.

Wha? Is this a Canadian delicacy?

Cheryl Overton

Haaaa! Canadian delicacy - no we save things like cheese curd & gravy on fries for that! That vegetable salad sounds terrible. And stupid.


I'm good with the cheese curd, but I'll keep dipping my fries in Zips tartar sauce. I don't even like gravy on mashed potatoes!

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